From time to time I check exams for Dani. I do the multiple choice, identification and the like. Sometimes, it just rattles the brain what students write in their papers. So I tried to think of a fun and efficient way to tell off students and how to praise them when they do well. I thought rubber stamps with personalized messages and their own cute and friendly monsters will translate well. So I asked Isa Silva of to make the stamps for me. And I'll do the woodwork. 
I already had the stamps, but I had no way of putting it together. So I got a wooden shelving kit from True Value, cut it up in to segments so I'll have a box, and some handles for the rubber kit.
Wood can be very sharp, it can have splinters and very pointy ends. Now Dani is a clumsy person. I know she'll manage to cut herself with it. And I can't let that happen. So I got 2 kinds of sandpaper, 1 for grinding out the rough edges, and one for finishing so all surfaces will be smooth. After doing that, I wipe it down with a damp cloth to take out all the wood dust and let it dry before I applied super glue.
Here are some of the stamps
"Check your grammar"
"Thumbs up!"
And Dani's famous "nye nye face"
After that, I stamped the back to make it easier to identify. 

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